Bee Stings Treatment Benefits

Treatment Benefits of Bee Stings

treatment effect of bee stings
Bee Stings Treatment

Bees are flying insects closely related to wasps and ants, and are known for their role in pollination and for producing honey and beeswax.

Bees are extraordinary insects. The sting and its derivatives help overcome a variety of diseases, from allergies to nervous breakdown, and increased durability. Treatment with bees and their products called apiterapi.

The word aphitherapy (apiterapi) is a blend of Latin, APHIS means bees and therapy, treatment. Apiterapi defined as complementary treatment efforts for the purpose of preventive, curative and rehabilitation using bees and its derivatives.

The use of honey bees for health, he said. Adji Suranto, SP.A, of the Indonesian Doctors Association of Traditional Eastern Health Development (PDPKT) DKI Jakarta, has been known since thousands of years ago. Painting coral stone age (6000 BC) shows honey hunting activities. The oldest evidence of the use of honey to treat skin infections and sores, ulcers, eye and ear diseases, written in the ceramics of the Samaritans (2000 BC).

The Ebers Papyrus (1550 BC) recorded recipes honey for external use, namely for the treatment of baldness, burns, abscesses, and pain relief. Honey is also used to heal wounds after surgery, including circumcision, suppositories, reduce inflammation, and relieve stiff joints.

Until 1990, cotton soaked in lemon juice and honey is used as a contraceptive. The use of bee sting therapy for joint pain and arthritis has long been done by the Greeks. Vanguard is the father of modern medicine, Hippocrates. In 1888, Dr. Tere Philip of France investigated the relationship between bee sting and rheumatism.

Bee Stings Treatment - Apipuntur

Previously, in 1864, Prof.. Libowsky reported cure patients suffering from rheumatism and neuralgia after treatment with bee stings. Treatment using the sting (can) bees known as apipuntur. Apipuntur, he said. Adji, is part of apiterapi. Apipuntur use bee venom and methods of acupuncture. Therapy for this type bees Apis mellifera and Apis Cerana.

Apipuntur itself is part of apiterapi. Bee sting or poison very well to normalize all the activities of the blood vessels and nerves. "The results showed that bee sting contains melitin, apamin, peptide 401 (MDC), protease inhibitors, and norepinephrine," said the doctor who studied complementary medicine since 1999.

Apiterapi generally used to relieve rheumatic disorders, colds, flu, one vein, to serious illnesses, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and cancer. This method is also claimed to be effective for treating degenerative diseases, such as stroke. In practice apipuntur, told Dr. Adji, bee stings are inserted into the body in two ways, namely (direct bee sting) and passing shots containing bee venom.

"Bee venom extracted from pure antibody someone who has often been stung by a bee," he said. The number of shocks depends on the type of disease. However, the sting in certain spots considered sufficient as an introduction. "In subsequent therapy, the dots stung again, but should not be more than 10 stings," said the man of this child.

Bee stings is to react in the body characterized by abnormalities while the individual nature. Reaction of different patients, whether previously been stung by a bee or not. Usually patients will have local and systemic reactions. Characteristic local reaction is swelling around the sting site, clinical symptoms of itching, pain, and stiffness. Systemic reactions include fever, malaise, buzzing ears, and dizziness.

According to Dr. Adji, when the reaction occurs in patients who are sensitive, replaced with an antihistamine drug for 10 days. Furthermore, the new permissible apiterapi again. Above conditions, doctors said 1988 graduate of Faculty of medicine, it is natural for bee venom is to react in the body. Like when we immunized.

To counteract these conditions, he advocated the consumption of honey and apply ointment on the swelling and itching. Therefore, bee sting therapy will be more effective when combined with the honey, propolis, pollen, or royal jelly.

Even combined, not all types of diseases can be cured by the same treatment. For example, for diabetes, additional therapy is used pollen and propolis. For cataract disorder, in addition to a bee sting, treatment in the form of eye drops of honey and honey bee Trigona. For rheumatic disorders, there are two points that stung, i.e. the point where it hurts local and systemic point, i.e. the point acupuncture zusanli (concave area below the knee).

Besides shock at that point plus the consumption of royal jelly, propolis, and citosan. Apipuntur therapy conducted in 12 meetings. "Usually the first visit is only one point that stung. The next day plus one point shock again. And so on. The length of the sting of 10-15 minutes. Once it can be repeated again, "he said.

Utilization apipuntur, added Dr. Adji, is determined by the type of disease, patient age, and contraindications. Pregnant women, infants, children, and elderly people are advised not to undergo this therapy.


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