Mud Mask for Smooth Skin

The Benefits of Mud Mask for Beauty and smooth skin

mud mask benefits for skin

benefits of mud mask

Mud is said to be like a magnet to attract toxins and provides a variety of minerals essential for skin care. Several types of sludge that can be used depending on the origin and type :

1.  Black mud or moor mud contain a variety of minerals such as manganese, iron, carbon, and oxygen.
2.  Green mud containing minerals and calcium carbonate which are all very much benefit to us.
3.  Chocolate mud contains minerals zinc, iron, and oxygen. Commonly used for slimming body, tighten skin, and detoxification.

How to use mud to beauty is to wear it as a mask. 
Mud masks can be found easily but there are a few things you should consider before wearing masks you should consider if the mud mud mask form powder / powder mixed with warm water first and stir quickly and evenly until it resembles a thick ooze or mud. While the liquid sludge should be warmed beforehand about 1-2 minutes with a pan of warm water

Here's how to use mud masks are simple and practical:

     After the mask is ready and rub mud
     clean and moist conditions
     Let stand a few minutes, about 20 minutes until the mud dry. 
     Clean the dried mud with a warm towel.
     After that do evaporation. 
     To assist evaporation  maximum mud you can use a steamer
     soak in warm water that has been mixed with sea salt to taste.
     Perform approximately 20 minutes.
     Furthermore dressing mixed with a mixture of water immersion
     warm and essential oils. 
     Pointless to restore
     metabolism of the body to its original state while providing nutrients
     addition to the skin.