7 Healthy Benefits of Hugging

The Benefits of Hugging

healthy benefits of hugging
Benefits of Hugging
Hugging is not merely an expression to express affection. Hugging it also has many benefits to health, and even more hugging could prevent serious diseases such as heart disease and depression.

Hugging, holding hands, or rubbed the head, proved to make someone's life happier. You want to know another benefit of nestling on the he and other family members?

So what is benefits of hugging for health? find out healthy benefits of hugging below

7 Healthy Benefits of Hugging

1. The touch of a loved one will increase the amount of hemoglobin in the blood. As we know, hemoglobin is one part of the body that carries oxygen throughout the body, including the heart and brain. This increased supply of hemoglobin scientifically credible will speed the healing process after illness.

2. Hugging someone you care about as much as four times a day can keep depression. Scientific fact, eight hugs a day will provide a more robust mental stability, and 12 hugs a day will help the psychological development of a person. Another study mentioned benefits of hugs, including reducing stress, helping healthy sleep patterns, encouraging, and boost the immune system.

3. Reduce Heart Disease Risk Exposure
High blood pressure is one factor that can lead to heart disease. Research shows that cuddling can lower high blood pressure which can ultimately reduce the risk of heart disease. Therefore, begin to familiarize yourself to embrace a loved one, especially for those who have a weak heart condition or high blood pressure.

4. Lowered Stress and More calm
Some studies reveal that hug can make you happier. It can embrace it because it increases the hormone oxytocin, the hormone that triggers the response intimate. Oxytocin can make you much more calm and reduce anxiety.

5. Healthy for Love Relationships
Relationships are always identical to cuddle. But you know if you hug a loved one can help produce serotonin and dopanin? The two hormones that can make you feel happy and lift the mood. As a result you will be more in harmony with your partner, which in turn have a positive impact on overall health.

6. A study done at the University of California also proves how powerful the touch of a husband, wife, girlfriend even. A total of 25 women were the object of the study were given a kind of heat that makes them feel pain. Then they were to hold a small ball, hand foreign men, and of course the partner's hand. Miraculously, when they were holding a partner's hand, the pain is felt much less than when they were holding a small ball or a stranger's hand.

7. A study published by the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health revealed the fact that the baby since birth has always given a touch (hugs, kisses, caresses) sign of affection by their parents grow into an easily stressed.

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