A Passionate Kiss Healthy Benefits

The Benefits of Kiss
A Passionate Kiss
A passionate kiss is not just unite the lips together. There are many other interesting things beyond the usual activities of the couple. Although there are many kind of kiss i.e. French kiss, neck kiss, etc. All that kiss have benefits for human body. Want to know the benefits?

Top 8 benefits of A Passionate Kiss:

1. Kissing is Not Only Just The Chemistry
Kiss the most fun when the couple had known each other do have a strong emotional connection and the atmosphere just right, not just have chemistry.

2. Kiss is The Secret Recipes for a Sustainable Relationships
"Kissing on a regular basis for a married couple can make your relationship more healthy,". Why? because When kissing, you and your partner secrete oxytocin, a hormone that makes you closer and love each other.

"Kissing is a good way to stimulate oxytocin,". For couples that have been married a long time, its recommend to take time each day to kiss.

3. Kissing move 29 facial muscles, in other words, by kissing, you will be younger, because it prevents wrinkles on the face.

4. Couples who kiss each other to exchange substances such as fats, minerals, and protein. This will encourage the manufacture of antibodies, which will be used to fight various diseases. So kissing is extra healthy!

5. Romantic kiss will burn 2-3 calories, whereas French Kiss will throw 5 calories, in other words, the more you kiss, the more calories you burn.

6. Lip sensitivity 200 times higher than your finger.

7. The man who kissed his wife before leaving for work, will have the age of 5 years old, while the man who just closed the door were more likely to engage the problem of road accidents.

8. Kissed passionately for 90 seconds will elevate blood pressure and increase heart rate. It will also increase the level of hormones in the blood, so it will increase the age of 1 minute! Want a long life? Frequent kissing.

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