The Benefits of Chives

So far, people familiar with Leek or Allium schoenoprasum as a food flavoring. Culinary expert as a mixture of chopped vegetables fried egg, tofu, shrimp bakwan, or martabak. Savory aroma, make your own chives one favorite seasoning. Vegetables that are used to add flavor to balance the spicy and sour taste of vinegar in pickles.

If you are a fan of Leek, be thankful because it could well reap the benefits of antihypertension chives as an herb. In addition to cheap, readily available Kucai anytime and anywhere, including on your subscription vegetable vendors.

The antihypertension efficacy due tetrametiloksamida chives contain compounds and ester 17-etadekadesenil. Antihypertensive effect comparable with chives extract Atenolol 25 mg dose. Atenolol hypertension-lowering agent that is often prescribed by doctors belonging to the beta blockers. About toxicity, from the clinical trials revealed that eating chives in high doses remains safe though.

Fortunately Indonesia is rich in medicinal plants, so there is new hope for people with hypertension to be independent of pharmacological drugs. This fact can be seen from the number of traditional medicine (fitofarmaka) to treat hypertension in circulation and consumed by the public.

Leek or Allium leaf schoenoprasu also known as chives, onions and gow choy doubles, including the type of plant onions. These plants clustered like the new rice plants grow. Purple flower color and shape is flat, solid and not hollow. Onions are soft scent of plants in the leaves take this course in addition to adding flavor to a dish, it also serves to lower blood pressure and stimulate the appetite, remove phlegm / mucus. Good use of the leaf is young leaves dark green.

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