Watermelon Skin : Prevent free Radical on Body

The Benefits of Watermelon Skin to Prevent Free Radical on Our Body

Benefits of watermelon skin

Benefits of watermelon skin

Benefits of Watermelon Skin - Most of us may think the hard skin of the watermelon does not have any benefit, Some people are just eating watermelon flesh of the fruit.

It is the fruit of watermelon has a freshness that is extraordinary because it is rich in natural mineral water that is able to eliminate hunger and treat dehydration. 

But not only the flesh of watermelon is rich in benefits, watermelon skin and it also has the benefit of very good properties for our body.

Benefits of Watermelon Skin

There are many benefits of watermelon skin that we can get and here are some of them:
1. Rich in antioxidants.
2. Helps remove ammonia from the liver.
3. Citrulline contained in watermelon skin can secrete nitric acid for vasodilation (widening of blood vessels).
4. Prevent bladder infections.
5. Issued intestinal worms.

That's 5 important benefits of watermelon skin that we can get to consume every day on a regular basis.

Efficacy Watermelon Skin For Beauty

The above are some of the properties and health benefits of watermelon skin for us. However, in addition to your health especially for women who have problems regarding beauty can also take advantage of the watermelon skin is to use it as a mask. 

The use of masks was able to restore the freshness of watermelon face after the move during the day. In addition, watermelon is also able to mask softens the skin, opening pores - pores are clogged due to dirt, dust or rest of your cosmetics, That was benefits of watermelon skin you can get by using it as your beauty mask, in addition to natural also healthy. Therefore, from now on you can use watermelon skin that you eat to be used as a natural mask.

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