Benefits of Yoga Asanas for Health

Health Benefits of Asanas Yoga

Asana Yoga Benefits for Health

What is Asana on Yoga? Asana yoga is movement associated with body position. The combination of flexibility motion, circular motion and balance helps you to distinguish them from other types of yoga. Asanas in Yoga posture prioritize, focus on breathing and concentration on the mind.

there are dozens or even hundreds of asanas in yoga, the asanas but basically divided into 5 groups, What are the types and benefits of asana in yoga? Please listen to the benefits that we can reap by doing the following 5 types of asana.

Types and Asana Benefits for health

1. Standing asanas: standing poses such as mountain pose tadasana or give vitality, energy, spirit. If coupled with a raised hand movement, heart rate will be increased and pep. Therefore, this kind poses a very good done in the morning, when we needed pep. Instead of drinking coffee or tea, do it standing yoga poses to pep. Healthier and do not drain the water in the body.

2. Sit Asana : sit like Paschimottanasana Pose (body folded forward), vajrasana, or sukasana easy and everyone can do makes us who do become calmer. Calm, so said the West.

3. Twisted Asana : Play or called twisting is great for cleaning (cleansing and detox) in organs such as the digestive organs polluted every day we continue to include food and drinks that are not necessarily healthy, but instead weighed the body. 

If you are suffer from constipation for instance, try to do the poses twisting torso or torso so that the digestive organs are stimulated and eventually compelled to remove waste materials and toxins in the body. Coupled with a healthy diet and adequate water intake, the body undoubtedly will expel twist pose constipation. 

4. Pose jump: In doing yoga, sometimes performed leaps, like when we had to move from downward facing dog (adho mukha svanasana) towards half standing forward bend (ardha uttanasana). Here, skill and agility (agility) we sharpened.

5. Pose upside / inversion: Doing the pose that would make the heart are on the head spur faster heartbeat and for many people, relatively challenging asanas such as risk of falls, upside down, dizzy, dizzy and so on makes it feel 'scary' and should avoided by all means. 

Though feeling dizzy, afraid that if it lived as good as possible and is done in moderation will make our mental strength is better than ever and that would make us to be more courageous in facing the challenges in life. Trying something new will be easier, especially for those who like the comfort zone (who do not like the comfort zone?).

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  1. Yoga is one of the most popular,effective and beneficial exercise and many people love to do Yoga for keeping their body fit.Also there are many benefits that we can get from doing Yoga.

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  3. Of course these Asana yoga poses are gainful for people. They can increase their body strength and stay active through these physical activities.back pain and neck pain


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