The Benefits of Beards and Mustaches for health

The Benefits of Beards and Mustaches for health

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Do you know the benefits of beards and mustaches for health? doesn't know yet? read this article, most of men often shave his beard and mustache. due to the diligent man shaves mustache and beard is going to look more clean and tidy. 

However, there is no harm in letting the beard and mustache growing on your skin because recent studies find that the beard and mustache beneficial to your health. because the beard and mustache can be neat to make it look nicer, more people see from the look of the face but not pay attention on health side.


Top 3 Benefits of  beards and mustaches for health

1. protect Skin
Research conducted at the University of Southern Queensland state that men are bearded and mustachioed face a third lower than the exposure to UV light clean-faced man without a mustache and beard. This research uses dosimetric technique that measures the amount of radiation absorbed at any given time. 

The result, it is known that the more bushy beard then the more protected skin. Bushy beard that can protect the skin from sun exposure as much as 90-95 percent. Another theory also suggests that a thick beard and curly ultraviolet radiation is able to break down so that the light is difficult to reach the skin surface.

2. prevent asthma
Man with a mustache is also a lower risk of asthma, especially those caused by pollen. Mustache that reaches the nose can block the allergens inhaled into the nose and into the lungs. However, mustache can not prevent the entry of dust into the nose as microscopic dust size.

3. prevent Flu
Beard growing around the chin and neck are also able to avoid the flu due to temperature, around the neck warmer.  Body temperature warm and drink plenty of water to accelerate the healing of flu.

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