Top 10 Benefits of Cheese

The Benefits of Cheese

Cheese Health Benefits

Cheese is a food that is produced by separating the solids in the milk through a process of thickening or coagulation. Coagulation process is done with the help of certain bacteria or enzymes called rennet. The results of this process will be dried, processed, and preserved in various ways.  

Milk can be produced from a variety of cheese products. Cheese products vary determined from the type of milk, coagulation methods, temperatures, methods of cutting, drying, heating, as well as the process of cheese ripening and preservation.  

Generally, animals are used as a source of milk is cow. The milk of the camel, goat, sheep, horse, or buffalo used in several types of local cheeses.

Besides it tastes good and tasty, the cheese also save a lot of nutrients that are beneficial to the body. Among them are:

Top 10 Benefits of Cheese

1. Amino acid profile of the cheese is quite complete for building muscle tissue, metabolism of body cells and bone.
2. Rich in riboflavin useful to help metabolize carbohydrates and maintain healthy mucous membranes.
3. Rich in vitamin B12 and folic acid are beneficial in cheese helps DNA synthesis, maturation of red blood cells and maintain nerve function.
4. Rich in vitamin A which is important for the sense of sight, healthy skin, tissue surfaces and protection against infection.
5. Rich in selenium which is essential for the synthesis of an antioxidant enzyme.
6. Phosphorus rich useful as forming ATP for energy production, bone and teeth formation and acid base balance.
7. Rich in calcium which is important for the formation of bones and teeth, blood clotting, maintaining nerve function, muscle and heart rhythm.
8. Cheese also contains tryptophan, an amino acid that can relieve setress, aid sleep and reduce pre-menstrual syndrome.
9. In calories and very low in carbohydrates are also making it suitable as a diet food.
10. Contains a lot of minerals so it is good to protect teeth from decay.

Other Health Benefits of Cheese

Often set aside cheese on food that was served? It feels fear of cheese that are considered fat and just adds a little weight should be removed.

Blue cheese or blue cheese for example. This cheese has a low fat content is quite friendly for the heart. Sightings cheese the same as cheese mostly, it's just that in it there is a blue fibers formed from the mold. Here are some benefits of eating blue cheese:

1. Lose weight
Almost everyone who did diet program, always put the cheese in her diet menu list. This cheese has an extremely low calorie which helps the weight loss process.

2. build muscle
The process of making blue cheese from sheep's milk and cheese aging. Thus, this cheese contains a lot of amount of milk protein. If you want to build muscle then it is advisable to consume this cheese.

3. anti-inflammatory
Blue cheese has a high level of anti-inflammatory, which helps keep arteries clean and healthy.

4. anti cellulite
This type of cheese can prevent the development of fat in the body that tend to form cellulite. If you are prone to cellulite, you'll want to eat this cheese every day.

5. Prevent osteoporosis
Especially in women entering menopause phase, the consumption of cheese is highly recommended. Calcium content are extremely high to prevent osteoporosis and osteoarthriitis.

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