Ultrasonografi Health Benefits

The Benefits of Ultrasonografi for Health

For common people, ultrasonografi (USG)  is useful for monitoring the development of children each month. But there are other benefits of ultrasound is that?

What Is Ultrasonografi ?

what is Ultrasonografi

The Benefits of Ultrasonografi

USG or ultrasonography is a diagnostic imaging technique that uses ultrasonic sound waves with a frequency that is higher than the ability of human hearing. This technique is used to image internal organs and muscles, as well as the size of the structure. In general usefulness of ultrasound is to help establish the diagnosis in a variety of abnormalities of body organs

Ultrasound examination uses sound waves with a frequency of 1-10 MHz. Frequency selection determines the image resolution and penetration into the patient's body. High frequency sound waves are generated from the crystals contained in a device called a transducer / probe.  

Changes in shape due to mechanical force on the crystal will cause the voltage where the phenomenon is called Piezo electric effect. Crystal form will also change when affected by electric fields. Crystals will expand and contract according to the pattern of the electric field that is generated through high frequency sound waves.

Ultrasonografi Benefits in trimester I

Ensure pregnancy and fetal position. In most cases, an ectopic pregnancy or a pregnancy outside the womb. Ultrasound helps obstetricians to detect and handle cases of ectopic pregnancy. Gestational age can be seen in the first trimester with minimal errors (4 days). 

With such events through the time of labor and premature birth can be avoided. Also in some cases ultrasound can detect alpha thalassemia. In the normal fetus, the size is bigger than the stomach. In the fetus with alpha thalassemia allegations, the same size of the head and abdomen. Cases of neural tube defects with signs of fetal skull bones have not, big eyes, and small head, already apparent in the trimester I.

Ultrasonografi Benefits trimester II

If doctors suspect there are pregnant with twins, an ultrasound will be done to ensure these allegations. A variety of congenital abnormalities can be screened through the 2nd trimester ultrasound abnormalities such as head, spine, heart, gastrointestinal tract, urinary tract, and Down syndrome. 

Early diagnosis followed by interventions to repair the possibility of interference or even save the lives of babies. The sex of the baby can also be identified in this phase. The doctor will perform a series of measurements, such as distance of the head to the tail, diaeter head, femur length, and abdominal circumference bone.

Ultrasonografi Benefits trimester III

Evaluate fetal growth determine the condition of the placenta which supplies the essential nutrients a baby at the same time oxygen-rich blood, and to know the position of the fetus before birth.

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