Benefits of Blood Donor

The Health Benefits of Blood Donor

Avoid stroke with blood donor

Health Benefits of Blood Donor

Every June 14, the world blood donor day commemorates the slogan Give the gift of life: donate blood. In its 10th year, the warning focused on the importance of donating blood to the patient. Not only to save lives, blood donors also help people live longer and more productive.

Ironically, in the middle of this warning, the awareness for blood donation in fact still quite low. 

According to the Director of the Center Blood Donor Unit Indonesian Red Cross (PMI), dr Yuyun Soedarmono, there are a few things that make people reluctant to blood donors. Ranging from not knowing the location of donation, fear of pain or contracting an infection, do not have the time, wait a long time, until the officers were less friendly.

In fact, other than beneficial to the recipient, donor blood is also beneficial to the health of the donors themselves. Here are the health benefits the donor as expressed by Dr. Yuyun to VIVAlife.

Top 3 Benefits of Blood Donor

1. Production of new cells

Donating blood can stimulate the bone marrow to produce new cells. In other words, take a blood donor blood cells to replace the old or regenerate new blood cells.

2. Prevent free radicals

Blood donors maintain iron levels in the body to remain normal. "If excessive iron then the end result of free radicals (carcinogenic nature.) This condition can potentially become cancer," said Dr. Yuyun.

3. Avoid the risk of cardiovascular

For those of you who regularly donate blood should rejoice. Because the blood donor can trigger metabolism so that blood flow remains smooth. So that no more blood clots in blood vessels. Thus, the risk of heart and stroke would be reduced.

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