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The Benefits of Facebook Fan Page for Business

Many people use Social media Facebook for business, even before Facebook created his own fanpage features. The seller makes its own Facebook account in the name of his business brand.

Since the features of Facebook fanpage created, then many sellers prefer to make a fanpage business brand instead of creating an account. Facebook users were only staying to like fanpage, without the need to make friends with a business brand account.

Social media consultant Stephanie Frasco said, at least there are 7 benefits if the seller uses fanpage on Facebook for business.

Top 7 Benefits of Facebook Fanpage

  1. An unlimited number of fans. By creating a business brand fanpage, sellers can obtain the number of fans as much as possible, without restriction. Another case if the seller made a Facebook account for business. A maximum of only one account can be friends with 5,000 people.
  2.  Separating business content and personal content. Many sellers who do not want to be bothered making business fanpage, so the mixing of information products in its personal Facebook account. Fanpage create content for the seller split between business and personal life content.
  3. Indexed search engine. Facebook fanpage already indexed or listed in search engines. Therefore, a business that has a fanpage brand will be more easily found in search engines by the buyer.
  4. Anyone able to tag. By making a fanpage, all Facebook users can download the brand tag-owned business seller. It can not be done if the seller using your Facebook account. Only people who are friends with that account can download the brand tag-selling business.
  5. Professional impression. Seller has a fanpage that will create a professional impression, rather than sellers who use the account to do business. Many Facebook users are lazy friends with a business brand account. Therefore, the seller is better made than the account for business fanpage.
  6. Appearing in newsfeed owned buyer. All posts are done through fanpage seller will appear in the newsfeed. Buyer only needs to jamming like a fanpage and for all, he will get up-date any seller posting made through his fanpage. This is called a newsfeed marketing, marketing is selling products through owned newsfeed buyer.
  7. Check-in feature. Facebook users can download the brand tag that has a fanpage business, when they want to check in at specific locations. It can not be done if the seller uses Facebook to brand his business account.

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